About Luis Miralles

Dr Luis Miralles is currently working full-time in data analytics for Ceadar (Ireland's Centre for Applied AI) at University College Dublin (UCD) in a very interesting project about Reinforcement Learning. Luis Miralles is a graduated from the University of Murcia (Spain) in Computer Engineering and has a specialization in Artificial intelligence.
He also holds a Master Degree in Computer Security from the International University of La Rioja (Spain). Additionally, he holds a PhD in Machine Learning applied to online advertising at the University of Murcia. He has recently completed a two-year Postdoc in Data Science applied to the Oil and Gas industries at UCD. He had also taught and supervising students in TU Dublin for a semester.

He worked as a full-time Professor/Researcher at the Faculty of Engineering at Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City for 3 and a half years. He has worked on issues related to machine learning and data science since 2013 and has published extensively on these topics. Some years ago, he created several internet portals. And he was responsible for the technological part of Project Digitum (digitum.um.es)—a Java-based digital repository for the management of research documents of the University of Murcia (Spain).